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BRABUS ROCKET 900 – that is the new high-performance reference in the luxury class. The centerpiece of the world's fastest luxury sedan is the BRABUS ROCKET 900 6.3 V12 Biturbo increased-displacement engine. This powerplant in the bow produces a peak output of 662 kW / 900 hp and a peak torque of 1,500 Nm and accelerates the BRABUS ROCKET 900 from rest to 100 km/h in impressive 3.7 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle based on the Mercedes S 65 is electronically limited to 350 km/h. This epochal supercar captivates visually with a sophisticated aerodynamic-enhancement concept, 21-inch or 22-inch "PLATINUM EDITION" forged wheels, and an exquisite BRABUS fine leather interior.

The aerodynamic-enhancement concept of the BRABUS ROCKET 900 is characterized by high efficiency and thrilling looks. The components, manufactured from carbon fiber as in Formula 1 racing, give the luxury sedan a dynamic appearance and optimal aerodynamic efficiency.
The carbon-fiber front fascia impressively accentuates the sporty-confident face of the BRABUS ROCKET 900. The stylish overall impression is rounded off in perfect fashion by the elegant side view as well as the rear spoiler lip and rear fascia with integrated diffuser.

The sporty and dynamic highlight of the BRABUS ROCKET 900 is the twin-turbo V12 engine. With a peak power output of 662 kW / 900 hp at a low 5,550 rpm and a peak torque of 1,500 Nm at 4,200 rpm, the twin-turbo V12 power pack delivers unrivaled performance figures. The luxury sedan sprints from rest to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and reaches a speed of 200 km/h after just 9.1 seconds. In concert with the top speed of up to 350 km/h, this puts the BRABUS 900 ROCKET on par with to-class full-blooded sports cars. The power is sent to the rear wheels by a seven-speed automatic transmission, which can also be shifted manually with the BRABUS RACE aluminum paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

This BRABUS ROCKET 900 offers impressive sound at the touch of a button: The twin-turbo V12 sounds markedly powerful in 'Sport' mode, while the driver can select the "Coming Home" mode for an unobtrusive, softer sound.

The BRABUS 900 intake module ensures an optimal air supply for the engine. Precisely programmed mapping for injection and ignition coordinates the perfect interaction of the high-performance components.

Top Features

  • Push Button Start
  • Brabus Starry
  • Seat Massage
  • Luxury Leather and Wood Interior
  • Heated Seats
  • Tablet

3.7 secs

0-100 Time

350 km/h

Top Speed


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The BRABUS ROCKET 900 Convertible can comfortably hold 4 passengers plus driver as well as 4 large suitcases.

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