Rolls Royce Phantom

Powerful, iconic proportions and state-of-the-art technology. All as standard for the Phantom.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a timeless magnum opus of the modern luxury motor car. With its powerful stance, iconic shape and next-generation technology, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

The Phantom is the benchmark when it comes to comfort and top of the line luxury. Deep lambswool rugs and an air of privacy along with the hand stitched interior give this car the luxury respect it deserves.

As a result, no other vehicle will give you the same feeling of royalty. A statement of power and sophistication comes with the Phantom. Both aspects go hand in hand whether you are driving or chauffeured in this benchmark of true elegance.

Power (BHP): 453 bhp
Exterior: Available in White
Interior: Available in Ivory

Top Features

  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Hand Stitched Interior
  • Premium Audio Sound Systems
  • Reverse Opening Rear Doors
  • Remote Keyless Entry

5.2 secs

0-100 Time

155 km/h

Top Speed


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The Mercedes C63 S Convertible can comfortably hold 4 passengers plus driver as well as 4 large suitcases.

Bottled Water

All our chauffeur vehicles come with free bottled water for all the passengers.


While you travel in luxury, you can enjoy the privacy with your family and friends.


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