Aircraft Charter

Private Aircraft Charter

One of our newest and most exclusive chauffeur services is now available to EK Group. Introducing Jet Charter from EK Group - the fastest, most private and prestigious way to travel. Our fleet of jets and helicopters will give you an all new range of luxuries while being able to see your journey from a completely new angle.

Our friendly flight crew will ensure you with a service like no other while catering to your every need, you just simply let us know what you would like on-board.

You get the flexibility knowing your Air Charter is tailored to you whether it's a prefered music choice, specific wine or champagne or a favourite book or magazine, we will have it covered. From the meal to the music, your experience will be personalised to suit your needs.

With our Air Charter, there is no need to wait in queues, go through security and have the hassle of wasting time at an airport for your newly delayed flight to arrive. Everything will be waiting for you at your own leisure as you will be flying with the knowledge that everything is catered for.

Our Private Air Charter Fleet

Available to and from almost any airport in the world.

Step into a new level of luxury air charter with our sister company, EK Jets. We specialise in creating an unforgettable experience with our above first class services and unbeatable travel comfort in our range of well-furnished jets and helicopters. Flying with us could not be simpler as your entire trip is catered to fit your specific needs. No matter where you want to go, you can be sure that EK Jets and our team of highly experienced personnel will make sure you are treated with the highest level of care.


Meetings overrun, your day’s schedule can change. Business aviation has the ability to adapt to those alterations at short notice and ensure that you are in control of your schedule.

Save Time

With business aviation, four days can become four and a half hours. In addition, business aviation users can combine multiple destinations in a fraction of the time taken on the scheduled network.

Privacy & Security

On board business meetings and conversations can be carried out without the risk of confidential information being overheard; only flying with people you know and trust.